A Practical Guide for Handling Diabetes Type 2

A Practical Guide for Handling Diabetes Type 2

– Non Insulin Dependent

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A balanced diet with low carbohydrate sugar foods to achieve fasting blood glucose sugar levels below 7 millimoles per litre or 126 milligrams per decilitre and 3 month HbA1c levels below 7% or 53 millimoles per mole.

An educational tool for diabetic type 2 (NID) people. The term NID means non insulin dependent.


Dr Helen Dixon a doctor of medicine has proof read this document and found the calculation of equivalent grams of carbohydrate glucose sugar called carb sugar using the grams of food and glycemic index (G.I) and percent carbohydrate of the food to be correct.

Dr Dixon has also ensured that all technical terms are correct. A tick of approval for this document was given by Dr Dixon, M.B., B.S., F.R.A.C.G.P., DIP., R.A.C.O.G.

Author’s Note

This booklet should be used as an educational tool as it has been shown to work and if any data in it differs from what your doctor tells you then follow your doctor’s advice

19 June 2013

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Table of Contents:

Index Page

1.  Summary

2.  Introduction

3.  Low Carbohydrate Sugar Diet

4.  Glycemic Index Measurement of Food

    • Method of Calculating Equivalent Grams of Carbohydrate Glucose Sugar (Carb Sugar)
    • Glycemic Load

5.  Daily Log of Grams Carb Sugar Eaten

6.  12 Rules for Handling Diabetes Type 2 (NID)

7.  Author

8.  Recommend Reading and References

9.  Appendix 1 – List of 100 Foods Showing Glycemic Index, Percent Carbohydrate and Grams Carb Sugar per 100 Grams Food

10.  Appendix 2 – Typical Food Nutrition Label

11.  Appendix 3 – Other Diets

      • Mediterranean
      • South Beach
      • Atkins
      • Pritikin
      • Desmond Program
      • Dash
      • Diabetes Australia
      • Side Salads
      • Reduced Calorie Diet
      • Paleo Diet
      • Cooking Tips
      • 5/2 and 800 Calories Per Day Eating Plan

12.  Booklet Conclusion

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About the Author

David Zani, Is a chemical analyst involved with chemicals and complex calculations for 45 years. The data included herein is based on 900 blood glucose sugar levels (B. G. S. L.) and 800 before breakfast fasting B. G. S. L. and 25 HbA1c readings over a period of 7 years.

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A Practical Guide for Handling Diabetes Type 2- Non Insulin Dependent